Acrylic on Canvas
Welcome to my website!

Acrylic on Canvas
Unstretched and Unframed
Size is 16" X 20" FS
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Acrylic on 140 lb watercolor paper
Unmatted and unmounted
Size 9" X 13"

Welcome to my website.
Unlike many artists that provide a long list of their studies and credentials I'm not capable of doing that.
I'm a self-taught artist with a love for the arts.
I love to create and be creative, it's my way of expressing myself and surviving through good times and bad times.
Let me explain to you the comment above in a simple short phrase.

Need I say more.
I love them dearly but at times being constantly doing things for others can leave you somewhat drained, stressed, depressed and exhausted.
Painting, creating, drawing, sewing, crafting is my escape and my way to recharge myself with energy and patience.
My kids can inspire me, drain me, soothe me, stress me and fill me with love, all in the space of a few seconds or minutes.
Their bright smiles, encouraging words "Wow, mom, that painting is the bestest ever!", and energy are an inspiration.


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